My name is Alex. I am a PhD student at NYU studying computer science, focusing on machine learning for natural language and vision. I am advised by Professors Kyunghyun Cho and Sam Bowman. I graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s in applied mathematics and a master’s in computer science.

Professional History

A sketch of my professional experience; see LinkedIn for more details.

Relevant Coursework

  • Machine Learning: CS 229r (Information Theory in Computer Science), CS 287 (Statistical Natural Language Processing), CS 281 (Advanced Machine Learning), CS 283 (Computer Vision), CS 181 (Machine Learning)
  • Computer Science: CS 263 (Systems Security), CS 186 (Economics and Computation), CS 124 (Data Structures and Algorithms), CS 61 (Systems Programming and Machine Organization), CS 51 (Intro to Computer Science II), CS 50 (Intro to Computer Science I)
  • Statistics: STAT 210 (Probability I), STAT 110 (Introduction to Probability)
  • Mathematics: AM 221 (Advanced Optimization), MATH 122 (Algebra I: Theory of Groups and Vector Spaces), MATH 23A (Linear Algebra and Real Analysis I), MATH 23B (Linear Algebra and Real Analysis II)
  • Economics: ECON 1338 (Inequality and Poverty), ECON 1052 (Game Theory and Economic Applications), ECON 1011b (Macroeconomic Theory), ECON 1010a (Microeconomic Theory), FRSEMR 40K (Health Care on Less Than 8000 Dollars a Year)

Select Projects