Last updated: 12/19/22

Gift Ideas

A good gift is hard to find, especially for me. Generally if I want something, I’ll buy it for myself.

My general philosophy for gifts is to get something that the person doesn’t know about but I know they would enjoy, or get something that person knows of and would enjoy, but would never get for themselves. That philosophy would work well in buying gifts for me.

Random Things

  • (physical) soundboard
  • adjustable dumbbell / weight
  • lawn games, e.g. bocce, especially if they are not really big and hard to store / transport
  • Sony wH1000XM4, ideally the blue variant
  • Pixel 7 phone stand + charger
  • MTG
    • gift bundles are totally great
    • unique and good draft boxes
    • fancy: commissioned alters of my favorite cards


I am generally in favor of experiential gifts because I have too much stuff.

  • unique shows, performances, etc. Some examples: Batsu, Too Much Light Blinds the Baby
  • coaching: basketball
  • classes: cooking, mixology/bartending


Other Gifts Ideas that I Wouldn’t Like But Maybe Inspire You

  • Subscription boxes